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Investments in overseas property.
Savvy real estate investors know that property investment is made profitable on the purchase, not just on the sale, so achieving the right price on purchase is essential, and investing in real estate at home or abroad can be a very profitable business indeed.
International real estate can be a very rewarding, often resulting in huge returns. Off plan property is normally given incentives to encourage investors to buy. Renovation projects and land for sale can reap high rewards too. If you are looking for a condo investment the US is 'the place' to find condo hotel investment property.

Britain and the British investment trend.
A recent government report indicated a 250% increase in the number of Britons buying investment property abroad.
2007 looks set to be the biggest year yet for Brits investing in overseas real estate.
The UK government attributed this sudden rush of investing in the overseas property market to;
Stock market instability.
The UK pensions crisis.
Also, due to the high purchase costs, the UK property market remains inaccessible to many people.
And, with budget airlines offering cheap and easy access to the majority of countries, it's no wonder that people are looking farther afield for the most lucrative investment opportunities. Traditionally, popular locations for British people buying holiday homes was, Spain, France, Italy, Portugal, and of course, the USA with Florida properties appealing to the majority of UK buyers.
However, the huge amount of property investment from Britain throughout the 80s and 90s has sky-rocketed prices and reduced the level of return on property in these locations.
Certainly old favorites like The Costa Del Sol no longer offer the rewards that they once did.
There are, however, quite a few overseas property investment hot-spots that are 'ripe for the picking', so to speak, especially if you do your homework and head slightly off the beaten track.

Future hot-spots.
The key to big success in the overseas property investment game is finding the next property boom location before everybody else joins the party.
So where are the latest hot-spots? Certain islands in the Caribbean and the Bahamas are proving to be 'the next big thing'. For example;
The Dominican Republic.
This is one country worth searching for low-cost real estate investments. However, the DR should only be recommended to buyers with an advanced level in Spanish languages as utilizing translation services can lead to some very serious expensive errors and mistakes.
The following extract is issued by the US Department of State "Real estate investments require a high level of caution, as property rights are irregularly enforced. Investors often encounter problems in receiving clear title to land, and title insurance is not available"
The full article can be read on this link US travel advisory department With more info on the Dominican Republic here Dominican Republic.com
The largest island in the Caribbean this lovely tropical island, which extends some 750 miles, is a beautiful mix of mountain ranges and plains. Very low-cost real estate can be bought here. However, an advanced level of Spanish is required to accomplish anything worth-while. Whilst Cuba may be appealing to British buyers the current travel restrictions imposed on US investors make purchases here impossible as travel to Cuba, for practically all American citizens, with the exception of government officials, journalists and individuals with special travel permits, is illegal.

The Bahamas.
This independent English speaking nation is politically very stable. A member of the Commonwealth of Nations, the legal system used in the Bahamas is English common law, something British property buyers already know, trust and are very familiar with.
Few things on Earth are as treasured, or desirable, as owning real estate on these beautiful islands. The Bahamas is a favourite tourist destination and, with its proximity to the US, the main business here is, of course, tourism. Long stretches of empty beaches and excellent facilities have made the Bahamas a popular destination for the more discerning traveller.
Often considered the exclusive domain of royal families and incredibly wealthy rock, movie and sports stars, these islands are world famous not only for their stunning white beaches, crystal clear seas and truly outstanding climate, but also the ever-increasing values of prestige real estate.
Owning property in the Bahamas is something most people only dream about. In reality, however, real estate in the Bahamas is genuinely affordable........ if you know where to look.
So, where, exactly, do you look?
Practically any new resort development in the Bahamas will offer investors maximum profits for minimum outlay.

A new marina and golf resort has recently (June 20th 2007) been granted in principal government approvals.
Named "Port St George" this upscale development is to be constructed in the southern Bahamas at the northern end of Long Island. Highly recommended by US, UK and Bahamian realtor's and financial advisor's, this project is, indeed, an investor's dream.
With such a low initial outlay the potential returns should be considerable.

Latest news for this Long Island project.
On June 20th 2008 the Port St George marina and golf resort was granted full government approval for the development, this follows the latest news that From July 1st 2008 the import of construction materials used for the construction of all new housing on Long Island will be excise tax and import duty free.

See Port St George.net for more details.

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